November 25, 2005

The Conference

I love to see how excited people get talking about their own country. Every time it happens, I realize there is never enough time anywhere to see everything.

The NZ sky has so many variations at once. Even though the landscape is so mountainous, everything above seems much more vast than anywhere else. It can start as a solid gray mass on one side and stretch into streaky, white brush strokes up high and a mass of dark mist raining below to the ground. Blue patches on the other side with puffy white clouds lined with a bright, sunlit lining.

Today was the beginning of the World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education and the children had their imaginative creations displayed in the Town Hall. Artwork came from various art houses in the county. Children were awarded for thier special talents. Some spoke about themselves as an artist and how art and children are so important for creativity in the community and for the future. I am completely astounded at how capable these kids are and what they have accomplished with these art houses. Being involved with the dedicated people who have made and continue to make it happen has opened my eyes up to a whole other world I had ignored as I focused on my own personal goals. More important is to see where other people can move forward and helping them will help me in the process. P

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