June 24, 2015

Nature in the City

As much as I love living downtown, I do miss quiet streets and a green backyard. But wait—why not have both?!

A recent client lives just South of me, in a small condo in Liberty Village. His small living quarters only offered 2 thin strips of wall, above the kitchen cupboards and the closet. It really felt like it needed some cheer, so he asked me to paint some peaceful scenery.

Being from Northern Ontario, his childhood memories are filled with Canada's wildlife and the great outdoors. He gravitated towards the mountain scene so we discussed some alterations to personalize it to his own tastes.

Blue was chosen for a soft sky and calm lake. Then mixed with green for a tree-lined landscape.

I incorporated some pines and peaceful creatures: a deer sipping water and a loon looking on...

a moose sitting in a valley...

and a soaring eagle.

Even though, the available wall space was very long and narrow, the condo still transformed into an entirely different atmosphere. Painting a similar background on both sides, created continuity throughout the room. Including long, rolling landscapes added depth and expanded the space.

Now his home feels like a comfortable place to relax, surrounded by nature and it's calming remedies.

I've just added 4 new murals to my website! Take a peek here and let me know which is your favourite in the comments below!

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