June 11, 2015

3D Window Mural

From window-less to open-vista, Marsha's bathroom now looks bigger, brighter and better! 

I'm sure we all have a small space in our homes that may be under-enjoyed because they're... well, small.

Recently, I've been able to make a small space look larger—without undergoing any construction! Technically, there still isn't a window but the three-dimensional painting creates the illusion that there is.

The ceiling was also painted sky-blue to look like an open Mediterranean-style courtyard:

Every time Marsha passes by the door or enters the room, she gets to peer out at an expansive view. Although it's not real, it's a realistic-looking reminder of the Rockies and the positive feelings they conjure.

The blue sky and clear reflection radiates warmth and peacefulness. While admiring it, she's suddenly transported to a different place that makes her feel more relaxed. "Seeing the mountains so many times a day makes me feel peaceful, deep in my bones."

With a bit of shading and perspective, just imagine all the possibilities!

What 3D image would you like to see in your home?

P.S. While painting this window mural and posting for my "10 Years Ago" photo-a-day challenge, I realized a funny coincidence. Exactly 10 years ago, to the day, I drew this window! Follow my challenge here on Instagram. 


  1. I love my mural so much! It's totally changed my apartment, and I love seeing these mountains so many times a day :)

    1. So happy to hear that Marsha!
      Oh, what a new view can do :)