March 11, 2014

Talking Walls

I've noticed a lot of walls in the last few days. They were once just regular walls, then were touched by artist's hands and then magically transformed--for the better.

Wavy wall at Verity Spa

With so many drab looking walls in the city, I'd love to paint some of my own! More on that later...

Last Saturday, the weather was feeling a little dull--until we drove into the Lablaws parking lot. Typically, you'd expect this grey expanse of concrete, filled with grey cars, awaiting their drivers to emerge from the grocery store's grey building, is nothing to write home about. But on this cloudy afternoon, my day suddenly turned into sunshine as I forgot about my hunger and speed-walked towards this vibrant mural beckoning to me from the back of the lot!

Lablaws Mural

The colours ranged the entire spectrum and sprang out from the sea of grey. The image was divided into a landscape of graphic blocks, silhouetted trees and detailed birds. Of course there were birds--but oh how I do love them :) To me, the mural was like watching the sun starting to rise above a mountain range....

Lablaws Mural

The next day, I ventured out to The Gladstone Hotel to check out the exhibit "If Walls Could Talk". My friend Jen Spinner and Hazel Eckert created this entire room out of paper... a paper chair, a paper bedspread, paper walls, paper lamps, and even paper nightstands with drawers that slide open!

Three-Star Quality Inn by Hazel Eckert and Jen Spinner

Then I peeped into a tiny replica of the Huron House. Each peephole allows you to inconspicuously spy into the tenant's apartments.

Room for Rent by Mike Ellis

One of my favourite rooms had walls covered with intricate, black and white drawings. Ornamental flourishes decorated the corners of the room, while every feather, sword and armour was completely adorned with line work.

Ornament, Lament by Kat Gomboc and Rebecca Ladds

This piece of string changed the space in the stairwell and created even more dimensions from it's shadows cast onto the walls.
Stairwell at the Gladstone Hotel

Then today, I ended up at Google HQ for a little info session. Even better than the free breakfast, was this fun wallpaper I discovered in the washroom!

Google's ladies loo.

What wall art has spoken to you lately? 


  1. Hi Pam! Thanks for the mention. I collaborated with Hazel Eckert for this project. Would you credit as such? Thanks!

  2. Thanks Jen! Hazel's name is in the photo caption and now I've added her to the story too :)

  3. Ooh, loved all of these!! Although the washrooms in Google looked a tiny bit serial killer-y to me :/

    Great post!

  4. Ah! I totally see the serial killer-ness now!