March 30, 2014

Many a Mountain

You may have noticed I've got a bit of a mountain theme going on. It all started...

Paragliders over Queenstown, New Zealand

on a long journey I took about 8 years ago. One year of travel gave me ample time to fill quite a few sketchbooks with many a mountain drawing. Those sketches turned into an illustration which became mountain calendars and then mountain quotes on mountain cards. And here's the latest on Society6--anything from mountain mugs to mountain shower curtains!

So it seemed like the perfect opportunity to relive some of those beautiful sights and share a few of my favourite mountain photos with you...

Emerald Lakes on the Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand

The mountains intrigued me with their majestic stance and calm presence. Almost like they were in a constant state of meditation. They seemed to give me permission to do the same--to be still, to admire the beauty and to breathe deeply.

Volcanos inside volcanos in Bromo, Java, Indonesia

Even though they remained so still and permanent, their colours changed dramatically. From a black silhouette at night to brilliant, warm hues that emerged gradually, as the sun started to rise over the horizon.

Uluru (aka. Ayers Rock) in Australia

The high altitudes often brought clouds and fog which can make these intimidating forms magically disappear before your very eyes.

Clouds rolling over Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, Borneo

They appeared in so many shapes and forms, silently standing before oceans, valleys and fields.

Beautiful beach in Krabi, Thailand

Long shadows and bright colours from the early sun in Cuba

Mountain range across a rice field in Bali, Indonesia

I have seen mountains from here to there,
They seem to be following me everywhere!

Now what do you think about my next project--a mountain mural?!

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  1. Stunning photos! I'm a mountain lover and live in the Blue Mountains. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thank you Sonja! I have been to these Blue Mountains you live in--they're beautiful too!