October 15, 2013

My Graffiti Adventure

It's fun to rediscover your own city.

Cartoon faces on a garage door

Beautiful! The most detailed graffiti I've ever seen.

On Saturday I met up with fellow art enthusiasts to walk through alleyways around Bathurst and Bloor. Richard led us through parkettes, pathways and parking lots. He explained the culture of street artists and the different styles of graffiti. The terminology ranged way beyond my limited vocabulary of "tagging" and commissioned "murals". Here is more info on Toronto graffiti.

Mural behind the Victory Cafe in Mirvish Village.

Repeated stencil in a hidden dead-end alley.

Every corner we turned had a new surprise.
Every person was drawn to different details.
Every piece will continuously transform.

The cutest one of all--makes a grungy back alley worth visiting :)

I was amazed at the variety of sizes and surfaces and techniques.

Strategically composed within the frame of a pipe and a ledge.

These wispy trees almost went unnoticed. 

Impressive shading technique made with spray paint.

Wandering around on a warm sunny day, chatting with new people, seeing new things, felt like I was traveling in a different country. It reminded me how much I crave adventure!

Where have you found amazing graffiti?


  1. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Victory Cafe Wall - Painted 2001 by Paul Aloisi, Erin Zimmerman, Francesca Nocera, Carly Waksdale, Michael Brown, MES3, SELF, RONNIE - thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thank you for all the names!