September 30, 2013

5 Days Running...

The beauty of morning light made running feel like fun.

Since the 1-week drawing challenge, I've thought about setting more short-term goals. It feels motivating to wake up and remember that I get to work on something non-work related that's really fun to do. So I will intermittently surprise you with a new one, starting with this second challenge: to take a photo every morning on a different running route.

The 7-day plan ended up turning into 5. Unlike the extra energy I gained from drawing, I found myself a little physically depleted by the end of the week!

While the fresh air awoke me from my sleepy trance, the warm sun cast orange rays across my face. My mind felt more alert, as I kept myself occupied by looking out for something unique to photograph. I noticed how the low sun (at this time of day and year), cast some intriguing, elongated shadows.

Allowing myself this time to pay attention, made me realize (yet again) the multitude of photo opportunities that are offered every moment of every day. Something amazing is happening all the time, even only a few minutes away from home. Some of these moments will never happen again, exactly the way you found them, so how satisfying it is to capture it before it disappears!

Monday's run: A passing shadow on the ground caused me to look up. With the wind blowing West and the sun at it's early stages, a shadow casts upon the smoke stack's own smoke:

West Toronto Railpath

Tuesday's run: early morning rays warmly highlight this chain link fence against the cool shadows behind it:

Bank Street

Wednesday' run: the grass along the East side of this sidewalk casts long shadows:

Along the Soccer Field by Brockton Stadium

Thursday's run: with the sun still at a low point in the sky, I'm able to point the camera straight up towards this tree top without getting harsh back-lighting.

Dufferin Groves

Friday's run: the first corner I turned, was down an alley where this kitty kept watch from his safe spot; up upon a tall fence, behind big foliage:

Dundas Alley

I challenge you to keep your eye open for something unique today... what did you find?!


  1. I love these!

    I think Tuesday is my, Wednesday! No.....Thursday! I can't decide!

  2. I love these!!

    I think Tuesday is my favourite.......No, Wednesday! No....Thursday! I can't decide!

  3. I love your indecision-ness!!