February 04, 2006


Checked out the Dunedin Public Art Gallery to see a display of yet more things Japanese... Miyabi, a collection of woodblock prints of samuri portraits, ladies in kimonos and landscape scenes. It's just all so amazing I'd love to live in one of those prints. To be among the most amazing colour pallets, have delicate flowers falling from above, several intricate patterns all around, contrasted with the solid black graphic shapes that make it so pleasing. This feeling of a magical world is what I want in my paintings and live in while creating them.

It was a long trip to get here, but in one day we saw a lone penguin (from a distance), huge sea lions on the beach, seals swimming way at the bottom of the steep cliffs and dolphins swimming amongst people willing to stand the freezing water. A lot of aqua water, sunny sun and spectacular landscapes which made my day. P

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