February 27, 2006

Around Luang Prabang

The night market was so fabulous I went three times. In the warm yellow glow of a lightbulb hanging above each stall was a feast for my eyes but a leaky faucet for my wallet. It aroused the materialism within me that I have been pretending didn't exist. I didn't do so badly though, and my bartering skills are definitely improving, but it took amazing self control to not buy the entire market. Fabrics shone in deep earth tones, highlighted with some golden strands. Woven fisherman's pants (the traveller's most comfortable garment) in every colour combination. Paper lanterns and umbrellas lighting up the walkways. Delicately embroidered pillow cases, bed spreads and handbags. Nancy, I saw the exact little-people ones you bought!

Kwang Xi Waterfall is made up of tiers of light, white-green pools. The walk up to the falls across wooden bridges, through twisted trees and vines, on dirt floors covered with red and purple flowers, was paradise. Each layer was only revealed a few at a time until at last the rushing water fell from so high in even more sections. Had a quick swim in the cool water. Then woke up at 4am with things moving in my stomach. Not sure if it was food or drink, but got to create a waterfall for myself... am feeling much better now!

Had a side trip over to Pak Ou to see the Tham Ting. It is advertised on all the waterbottles, an cave within the side of a high cliff. The black opening begins with a white staircase and wall. Within are over 4000 buddhas that have been placed there by worshippers. Large and small, dull and shiny, heads without bodies and bodies without heads, it's a buddha audience overlooking the Mekong River. P


  1. Anonymous12:59 pm

    When my brother came back from Laos, he brought back a lot of those fisherman pants.

    It's all about the pants! Now my family and I can do like the native Laotians do...

    glad to hear that all is well...

  2. If you need another colour, just let me know!!! P