October 10, 2005

Bondi Beach

I'm still in a bit of shock being in such cold weather... today was the highest so far, 23 C's! Nice for spring temperatures I suppose but quite the contrast from living in the sticky humidity of Asia to wearing all 2 of my sweaters at the same time :)

A few of us headed over to Bondi and lay on the white sand watching the surfers disappear into the high crashing waves. Their wetsuits making them look like a bunch of seals, a Christine observation. There is a scenic walk that takes you along the coast of white water splashing against the cliffs. It was just as hypnotising as the water at Uluwatu in Bali. From deep down, the splashes would come half way up, and then fall slowly, in what seemed like light droplets, until they pounded back down on the water's surface. I want to paint the group of seagulls flying against the wind, lifting and falling from it's power, with the lines of white caps and deep blue water behind them.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! Maybe someone can save some turkey for me?! P


  1. Anonymous4:47 am

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  2. Anonymous7:15 pm

    The turkey would be really rotton by May. :)

  3. jenniferd3:36 pm

    Hey down under girl!! I'll be joining you in a little over a week. Aaron and I fly into Sydney on Saturday the 22nd...well we leave Toronto on the 22nd and arrive in Sydney on the 24th. SO weird. We then fly to Adelaide on Thursday the 27th. We'll be so close!!! Are you doing Adelaide at all?


  4. Ok, you may be right about the turkey :) But when I get home, I'll make one and eat it ALL!

    Jen! I'm heading to Adelaide tomorrow and will be there on Thursday night (Oct 20). Plan to stay Fri 21 and Sat 22, maybe longer? Then to Melbourne until the 31st, will you be going there? P