July 18, 2005

More Ugly Creatures and a Thought

I had the nastiest wake-up call this morning at about 3am. There was a tiny pinch on my right side and I immediatetly searched in complete darkness for the light switch behind the mosquito net. Beside me twitched a brown cockroach, ew, yuk, ah! I yelped (been doing that a lot lately with all these crazy bugs and animals) and stood up and scared him away behind the bed. There was no use in getting him outside because the little bungalow huts always have gapping holes everywhere to the outside. Out came the electrical tape and I patched every little hole I could find. I was so freaked out from ugly sudden awakening that I tucked the net under the mattress just to be sure nothing could crawl inside. Drapping the net over the bed just isn't good enough anymore! I kept the light on for the rest of the night.

I have written a lot about my problems, scary events and negative situations on this trip. The only reason being, these are the most interesting things to tell! In retrospect it is usually funny (except cockroaches which are never amusing), or a learning experience. On the other hand, I wonder if I do not write enough about the amazing people I meet, the genuine acts of kindness or the beautiful landscapes in every city? I have found that traveling is not like a vacation. It's just like living at home except I'm in many places, where I cannot escape the personal ups and downs, goods and bads, satisfying and frustrating situations. I just do not want to give any of you the wrong impression of the countries I visit. This is only one opinion. I only hope to entertain you with my story of stories. P


  1. hey there!
    sounds like an awesome adventure!
    is that the mural you painted for the scuba diving shop in one of your pictures? it is great!
    keep safe! have fun!

  2. eeeek! that is exactly what i would have done! scary.

    oh no, i get the impression that even if it is a bad thing you are loving it all and feeling a lot of wonder.

  3. Lisa Lisa10:15 am

    Ew is right!
    Don't fret, your stories are very well balanced - the good and the bad. And you're right about traveling not being a vacation - it's alot of hard work, which is why we are all in awe!


  4. Thanks girls! I like to know I'm not being weak, but just reacting normally! Yes, that is THE mural! P