July 21, 2005

It's war!

Last night I came home to discover a new cockroach, much bigger than the other, scurrying around the bathroom. There is a step down onto the tiles which made it run in circles unable to escape. There is a bucket of water with a smaller pail inside which is used to pour water down to flush the toilet. I grabbed the small pail and dropped it upside down to trap the thing inside. I heard it bump into the plastic a few times before it stopped, realizing there was no way out. Then another one came! It looked like the culprit that bit me the other day and he seemed to be in search of his friend. Tracing the familiar smell, he located the bucket and circled it. His slow pace gave me the opportunity to trap him inside too!!! So who knows if they're mating and making more, or fighting each other, dying of starvation, or just sleeping. I'd like to get the pail back to make flushing a bit easier but I think it's more important to teach those guys a lesson! AH HA!!! No more messing with me, I win, you lose, I'm in control, don't fight back or you will DIE!!! I have a plan that is "thoroughly thought through" (The Star's Tennis Balls, Stephen Fry). Ah ha ha haaaa... I think I'm losing it, the sun is getting to me or that book really messed with my mind. P


  1. Anonymous4:05 pm

    He he.. You teach those bugs who's boss. lol.
    How's the weather there? I keep hearing about these crazy typhoons in china and wondering if they are effecting the weather where you are?

    Take care :)

  2. Anonymous4:23 pm

    What a great thing to read and see. You really are a very talented artist. Not just your painting but your framing of pix are quite lovely. So glad for you. Your sense of wonderment is infectious. Please tuck your mosquito net under especially if you don't want to make friends with anything over four legs.
    Have fun,

  3. Jennifer D7:01 pm

    Hey Pam, I just heard on the news that there was an earthquake and tsunami alert for Thailand...are you okay? Did you feel anything?

    Take care you, and keep fighting those creepy crawlies!!

  4. For their size, SE Asian cockroaches are like tanks - impossible to kill. Find creative ways to get rid of them is half the fun!

  5. lisa Lisa11:35 am

    What ever you do ... DO NOT KILL THE SUCKERS! Their eggs will squish out of their asses! Then you'll be in big trouble!! I swear, if you open the door and ask them to leave, they'll do it!! Worth a try.