February 27, 2016

In Love with Contrast

Whenever I go to the AGO, this painting always catches my eye. The precision in detail, the mysteriousness of the mist, and the illumination from the moon.

The faces are aglow, despite it being the middle of the night. Dark shadows in the foreground, fade into a bright light in the background. A calm atmosphere softened, from all the gradating tones between black and white. The dark underside of the boat against the light on the woman's front, gives the illusion that she's levitating. A triad of bright points, creates the perfect composition...

All of these qualities achieved, through the use of—contrast.

"Simultaneous contrast is not just a curious optical phenomenon—it is the very heart of painting." —Josef Albers
Black and White

The greatest contrast of all—black and white. I saw a greenhouse filled with orchids in Bogor, Indonesia. This branch in particular stood out, the bright petals highlighted against a dark background. I decided to paint these orchids in regular house paint, to see how photo-realistic I could go with my murals. What do you think?! Email to purchase this painting—or get it painted on your wall...

Lights at Night

Peeking through. From painted colours behind silhouetted plants, to bulbs contained within their shades, to tiny pinholes in a suitcase. No matter how large or small, contrast is everywhere! Where have you seen it lately? Check out murals at pamlostracco.com...

Shadows from Light

Inspiration from 10 Years Ago. Whether drawing or taking a photograph, the condition of light is key. With light, there is shadow, and the two interplay with each other in varying tones. Other factors can be the time of day, the weather, the quantity, or the source of light. Both this sketch and photo were taken at midday, when shadows have the greatest contrast. Follow my current Beach Mural on Instagram...

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