March 31, 2015

Ta Da... The Gold Bird Mural!

It's here, it's here! A couple months in the making and now The Gold Bird Mural is complete. My studio has been transformed into a brighter, more uplifting space to work and live. Every time I look at it, I feel very glowy inside :)

Now I'll finish showing you the process from where I left off in my last post...

After testing a couple types of gold paint, I prepared the wall. It had several nail holes from the picture frames that had been up so they were filled in with Polyfilla. After smoothing the patches with sandpaper, the whole wall was rolled over with my last bit of left over paint. 

The wall was marked into square feet with bits of painter's tape. The squares are replicated on my digital illustration so that when the image is projected, I scale it until the lines on the wall, match up with the lines on the image. Then I know it's placed exactly as I designed it! 

The drawing begins...

Then I get to paint with liquid gold...

It's a beautiful feeling, to paint and witness the changing reflective qualities... 

Now, I get to watch shiny, flying birds, a perfect view from where I work all day :)

What image would make you happy while you work? I'm always thinking of more mural ideas, so let me know in the box below!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Marsha! You can come over to see it anytime :)

  2. Julia1:02 pm

    Love your work! I remain ever hopeful that you'll do a collaboration with or similar. Beautiful stuff! :)

    1. Hi Julia,
      Thank you! Love your stencils--would like to hear more about collaborating!