November 25, 2014

"Same Same but Different"

It's a popular phrase I heard several times while traveling in Thailand almost 10 years ago. (Yes, you can buy a t-shirt!) I interpreted it as, two things that are essentially the same, except slightly different—like cilantro and coriander. Or humans—our DNA being 99% the same but our individual traits make us unique from one another.

Or mountains! They appear all around the world in similar forms, yet each are different in shape, colour and element. They may look: smooth and white from sheets of glacial ice... or jagged and grey from layered shards of granite... or misty and green from fog in a rainforest.

Marsha: 1. Framed in meditation, 2. Excited about a real live mural,
3. Dreaming of travel.

My point being, every Mountain Mural may look like it's from the same drawing but each mural (like each of us) has it's own personality. Shapes, colours and elements in the design are customized for the people using the space. Photos above: The design may frame a piece of furniture (or Marsha!), or radiate certain emotions through colour or transport your thoughts to a far away land.

Here are 3 Mountain Murals that are "same same but different":

Mountain Mural #1: My very first :) Painted in my own bedroom, I wanted an image that would calm me while going to sleep and motivate me to rise in the morning. The neutralizing grey and taupe were selected to blend with the tones in my bedspread, curtains and furniture.

Mountain Mural #2: Nash needed a mural to inspire play time and match the room's Canadiana theme. Forest greens with pine trees and geese made the room feel larger and turned it into a very fun space!

Mountain Mural #3: Marsha lives and works at home and requested an image that would influence productivity during the day and relaxation at night. Blue itself has very calming qualities, while the brighter tones make the mountains appear cheerful and lively. We even decided to paint the stairs to match!

Just one wall can change your world. 

My travels have brought me to many a mountain and every one of them has left a lasting, positive impression. When I'm not traveling, memories of their views, trails, sunrises and sunsets reminds me how excited I felt when I was experiencing new adventures. These emotions become even stronger while I paint, which is why my new quest is to paint as many walls as possible!

What colour would you like me to paint your mountains?!

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  1. My dream would be to have MY mountains (Asheville, NC USA) painted on the blank walls in the room just off our kitchen. I initially thought a fence outside so you could see them from our windows, but I love the idea that painting a big mural in this space, you see the mountains when you first come inside. Such talent. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm sure it would look amazing to see your mountains on the outside as well! I just really like the idea of bringing outdoor elements to the inside to make the home feel more fresh and natural :)