May 21, 2014

Nature on Nature

It's that time of year again! The cherry blossoms have already come and gone and now I get to post my annual photoshoot with the trees. Although this time, I brought something of my own...

I've been anticipating these awesome blossoms for months so they could meet my Art Scarves. It seemed like the perfect juxtaposition—to combine the scarves' nature-inspired artwork with nature itself. The artwork was created from fleeting experiences immersed in nature during my travels—just like the blossoms only last for a brief period of time during the whole year.

The delicate blossoms were as soft as the silk.

Together they danced in the long branches,

and waved hello in the breeze.

The scarves hugged the tree trunks,

and petals sprinkled to the ground.

We'll have to wait another year for the cherry blossoms but Art Scarves are here to stay!

Now available in Toronto stores at Craft Ontario (Yorkville) and Distill (The Distillery) and on Etsy.


  1. Love these - they look SO GOOD in nature!!

  2. Thank you Marsha! And I think nature looks so good wearing the scarves :)