April 28, 2013

BioCup Cuteness

This week's most exciting moment happened when Fedex buzzed with an unexpected parcel. The surprise came all the way from Australia--the BioCup samples arrived! Racing back upstairs to rip open the box and look inside, I squealed with delight as if there was a fluffy bunny inside. Out came a stack of small-sized paper cups, with my illustration printed all over in full colour. They're so adorable!

As mentioned in an earlier post, the cups will be used during Australia's compost week (May 6-11, 2013). More information about the event can be found on the ICAW website.

Please enjoy my BioCup photo shoot madness:

Now... time for a cup of Joe :)


  1. Wow they look amazing Pam!!

    (Swati's friend)

  2. Thanks Hyedie and great to hear from you!