April 27, 2012

From iphones to Posters

I recently pulled out my old watercolours to try something a little different. I did have a plan in mind, along with a personal obligation to create something uplifting. These economic times have been rough for a lot of us, and with the days starting to warm up but still quite chilly, the plan called for some colourful, motivational posters! Including my favourite (and shortest) quote, "Keep Going" has been my mantra for the past few weeks.

Watercolour is unique from other paints, creating beautiful and vibrant textures. There are many techniques with different results but the secret is not to use too many in order to keep the colours fresh and let the paint flow naturally. Using bright, painted shapes against fine, black and white pencil lines, an upwards pattern emerged, through the use of colour, contrast, and form. They definitely cheered me up while I made them, I hope they make you smile too :)

Sold as posters on Etsy and modified to a cuter scale on Society6 products.

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