November 22, 2009


I tried out a second workshop to find out more about the Sunprints I made a couple months ago. The instructor was Sally Ayre who makes gorgeous cyanotypes on several layers of silk. We were able to use some of her negatives and our own materials. The images had considerable more detail and contrast than I had expected. Preparing your own paper is much more advantageous than buying the pre-made kits. The possibilities seemed endless and this technique felt really in-tune with how I like to work which also incorporates the natural objects I already use in my artwork.


  1. This is a kooky and fun blog, I could comment on everything but I had to pick something. I do not know if the flow of posts was intentional but it works. Thanks

  2. Glad you like it, kookiness and all! The flow is chronological. The posts are all related to my work or what inspires it.