November 27, 2006

Myanmar (Burma)

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MYANMAR: The most amazing, exotic and untouristed country I've ever been to. On top of having one of the world's most ancient cities in Bagan, and witnessing some of the impacts in an isolated country under military rule, the Burmese are the most friendliest and honest people of all.

My route took me on a bus from the capital of Yangon (Rangoon) to Mandalay, part train ride over the gorge to Hsipaw and a flight over to the mountain hill tribes in Kengtung. Along the way experiencing the water festival for New Years. After a few days in the lovely setting of Inle Lake, I took one of my most difficult days of transport over to Bagan. But that didn't top the events that happened on the over-night bus ride back to Yangon.

A ride in anything to anywhere in Myanmar is always exciting!

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    Nice to see you're still at it. Drp me a line when you can.
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