July 25, 2006

Back in Canada

I'm loving the summer and meeting up again with all you folk who still look as fabulous as you did a year ago. Thanks for all your advice and support while I was away and especially now, while I make the largest transition of my life!

The creative juices are flowing and makes Toronto seem like a new city. Almost three months into my return home, a lot has happened. Visiting inspiring galleries and talking with artists full of ideas. Still taking tons of photos and the artwork is pouring out. Volunteered at the Toronto Outdoor Exhibition which I must be a part of next year. Coming soon, there are a couple opportunities to display my work and I'm looking into possibilities for my first exhibition, so stay tuned! There will be a slideshow and everything!


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  1. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Hi Pam, I don't know if you still remember me but you were staying in the guesthouse (planet kinabalu) in kk. I lost your email address but I manage to remember your blog. Anyway, just to let you know I am in Toronto at this moment.

    i read your blog and it is great to know few things about some places that i would like to check out someday.