September 09, 2005

Three Oh... My God!

Ever since I turned 29, I kept thinking I'm going to be 30. So after a year of this repeating thought, I may have got used to the idea. It doesn't feel different, but now it's official! Does this mean I'm really an adult now? Mm, I think I'll wait until I'm back home! Until then...

I walked outside to find a trail of square offerings leading to a huge sign of colourful petals saying HAPPY BDAY PAM. Yvonne and Putu told me to go away while they finished it off, so I just watched and took photos of them! Y. and I drank coconuts in the sun and splashed in the sea. Claire made a delicious coconut shake and I was decked out with a thick crown of fragrant Frangipani flowers. It later loosened and fell off to become a necklace, which worked too. We played with the lovebirds and they jumped and ate the petals that matched their own colours exactly. Then took off to eat at Mezzanine, a classy restaurant with a piano player. I missed Phad Thai, so ordered that and we sipped a bottle of red wine. The pianist pleasantly played Happy Birthday and a decadant chocolate mousse with a blue lagoon appeared infront of me. One of the transport guys called across the patio, "How old are you?". "30". "So am I!" "Really?" "You look young." "Great!" I said and we were very merry.

Thank you for all the ecards and wishes! Miss you all lots. P


  1. chris w.9:37 am

    Hi Pam, Happy belated B-day! "The Rabbit/Virgo is like a 400 year old building that has with-stood the rigors of many a hard winter, yet can still welcome us to its cozy fire. All purity & refinement, they will see to the needs of others with charm and assurance." Still enjoying your blog site! chris w.

  2. jesse5:48 pm

    Happy belated b-day from me too! And yeah, you do look young. When I first met you, I wasn't even sure if you were 20! But more importantly, do you feel as young as you look?