August 15, 2005

Warning about the youth hostel in Brunei

Arhugh!!! Of all places, I was the victim of a theif in Brunei! Even Lonely Planet states it is comparably safe to the rest of Asia because most people are wealthy enough to not need a backpackers old stuff. I'm going to write them not to reccommend this place anymore. The one budget accommodation in the city is a youth hostel dormitory. The dorms were strictly separated into women and men rooms. However something is going ary where the men in charge freely roam into the women's side to request fees or whatever. One girl caught a couple of them peering through into her shower! And our room had been rummaged through by someone and all my belongings were scattered across my bed. One girl had a shirt missing that was replaced with one of the theives. I had a change purse (Lisa, the one the matches yours!) stolen, but even more maddening, all my photo cd's. Those are the most important possessions I have of this trip and they have been taken by someone who will get no value from them at all. He has taken all my memories! I made copies of each and sent them home, I just hope they make it. P


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  2. Hey Pam,
    That really sucks that your photos were stolen. That was very smart to send copies home. I am sure that they will arrive safely. A very, very good idea to alert Lonely Planet so that other women don't have the same experience you have. I will e-mail you later today with a link to flikr and more news from my end. Hugs, Kym

  3. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Once again I love your photos. I'm really sorry to here of your bad experience.

  4. Pam,
    Really sorry to hear these schmucks went through your stuff and stole your cd's. Very smart you sent copies home! Remember everybody: backup your data!
    On a side note: maybe you should disable anonymous comments, already three obviously automated spam comments made on your blog in the past two days...
    Take care,

  5. Yeah, super smart move w/ 2 CD's. Also check the CD's too to verify the images. When I was in Turkey, I lost a bunch of photos from a bad burn; another place shrunk all my photos...

    I have webspace you can ftp upload all your photos to as another means of backing up - you'll need a fast connection though.